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Customer Favorites:

Amazon: One of the planet's most mind-boggling arrays of goods. First came the books. Now they've added every other product on the planet. The ultimate in selection and convenience across multiple categories.

HobbyTron: A leading (if not the leading) retailer of Remote Control Toys (Cars, Trucks, Planes and Helicopters) and Airsoft Guns and Accessories. Also carrying robots, electronic kits, science kits, magic tricks, and more! Something for kids of all ages.

KMart: Offering a wide range of merchandise from appliances, electronics, and toys to apparel, home decor, and sporting goods ... and much, much more. It would be hard for us to calculate the goods we've bought here over the years. Great stuff, great prices ... every once in a while the online customer service gets a bit flukey... What's neat ... they've still got their great layaway plan available online!

Kohl's: One amazing department store - if you put it in your home, on your body, or if it involves sports, play, or toys of any type, they've got it. (A hint ... if you are looking for counter or bar stools, this is probably the most extensive selection on the planet!)

Model Airplane News: Take to the skies with Model Airplane News ... enthusiasts and hobbyists have been doing just that since 1929! Written for those who truly enjoy the sport and hobby of making and flying model airplanes. You'll find features on construction and design, how-to techniques, comprehensive evaluations, contests, tips on building and flying, articles on electronics, and full-scale aviation coverage.

Radio Control Car Action (12 Issues/1 Year)

Radio Control Car Action: Dedicated to covering one of America's fastest growing hobbies ... radio control cars. You'll find reviews of new kits, news of major racing events, and how-to articles and in-depth technical features crafted so as to be helpful to both beginners and experienced modelers alike.

Radio Control Helo Pilot: Bringing you the complete RC helicopter experience ... from ready-to-fly micros to the fiercest, nitro-gulping 3D aerobats. The magazine delivers tips on picking the best helicopter, set-up and programming guides, and the tricks and tips you need to succeed as a "pilot".

RC Driver (12 Issues/1 Year)

RC Driver: Your source for nitro and electric RC cars, trucks, and boats ... this magazine features many product reviews, massive part guides, vehicle specific how to's, engine tuning techniques, painting and detailing tips, and even some wild projects ... all set against the backdrop of some stunning photography.

Servo Magazine (12 Issues/1 Year)

Servo: A magazine for the next generation of robotic experimenters ... anyone interested in building or learning about robots ... whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

ThinkGeek: A one-stop shop for everything "geeky" ... from apparel to geeky gadgets ... from computer accessories to caffeine ... from wacky office supplies to costumes!

Warner Bros Online Shop: The Official Store of Warner Bros Studios ... Just Too Cool. You'll Find, Not Only the Movies, But Collectibles, Clothing, Accessories, Costumes, Home Decor, and Toys & Games that Tie In with All Your Favorite Movies. Be Prepared to Spend Some Time Here.

More Resources:

AirsoftRC: Huge online selection of Airsoft Guns and Gear & Radio Control Toys.

Best Buy: A FAVORITE consumer electronics purveyor ... they've got just about every electronic and digital gadget imaginable ... and MUCH, MUCH MORE (It's more like "what don't they have" ... and you can even order online and pick up your purchases at the store - for free! They also have in-store repair services ... think "Geeks" ... and more. They've even got a "spare parts" store ... check that out at Spare Parts This company has figured out how to do a "whole lot right".

BJ's: Probably America's favorite wholesale shopping club. Great for individuals, families, and small businesses (actually big ones too!). Not much you can't find here. And at great prices. Every geek's favorite shopping site.. It's a guess, but an educated one and probably not too far off the mark. More recently, they've added to their inventory ... at this juncture, they've become a first rate one-stop shop for just about anything you could need or want.

Sears: What started as your favorite catalog store has survived to become a giant retailer - 2,300 Sears branded and affiliated stores across the US and Canada - of all your "home, hearth, and garden needs" including apparel, appliances, tools, and automotive products. We may take them for granted, but there isn't much they don't have across all niches ... all displayed across an organized, easy to navigate site. This favorite shopping destination has become one of the Web's 5 top favorite places to shop ... the company has worked its way into the Fortune 50. They've really covered all the bases when it comes to customers' "wants and likes".

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